Video works

Hero's journey


2018. Video with sound. 2 minutes and 30 seconds.


Inspiration: Our society focus on the intellectual power. We believe that knowledge will take us where ever we want. Humans are anger of knowledge, information.  


But in this circumstances, when we are about to jump, to make an important decision, where should I find the courage to cross the threshold, to jump?

We can say that logic and knowledge can help us but it is not enough. Where do we need to search?Concept:

We all have had circumstances where we know that something is right or wrong, not matter what other would say, we know, we feel, it is clear, no doubt. The certainty is coming probably from inside. But we can pay attention to it or not.


My video is about hearing our emotions, to our intuition, trusting our internal wisdom…coming back to sensing, to perception, to feeling. Listening to my unconscious knowledge as our ancestors used to do.