Who does not enjoy a rich and healthy meal in a pretty setting table? Buena Pieza brings you placemats and coasters handmade wood and painted in pink, green or unpainted ....prepare  that special table, perhaps place some  flowers and enjoy that meal or snack that you like.


You can ask for variations, enjoy them!

Fotografía Elena Anuskan http://elenaanuskan.wix.com/interiordesign#!en-blanco/cmar

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Cute little fish!

A group of wood fish to hang on the wall and create a colourful view that remind us the sea, the ocean...Painted the wood fishes with bright colors to provide light to the room.

They can be placed in groups or in isolation, scattered on the wall in a row, vertically or horizontally, I can think of many ways. They could be a sardine or a golden fish, or whatever you prefer, use your imagination!

I think kids will like them very much for their room, but I also think they fit in any other area of the house, office, bedroom, living room, terrace and bathroom.

They are lightweight and can be hung with nails finite hangs easy.